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Mr. Jason Bennett » Bienvenidos. - Welcome.

Bienvenidos. - Welcome.

Hola a todos/ Hello to everyone, 
     My name is Jason Bennett. Your kids probably call me Señor B.  I teach Spanish 1 and 2 here in Crenshaw County.  I am originally from Florida.  I went to Troy State University.  I have 3 kids.  My stepdaughter is in Fl attending college.  My son and my stepson attend Brantley High School.  I am glad to be working with your kids.  We'll be studying quite a bit and learning as much as we can.  I'll try to make it fun.  This class will require a lot of study.  We'll be learning Spanish from the ground up, starting with the ABC and phonetics.  We'll move on to more complex topics little by little.  

Supply List - One Spanish/English dictionary - $5 at Walmart



La Clase del Señor B.


  1. Bring necessary supplies to class – Ipad/ChromeBook, paper, writing utensils..
  2. Remove gum/candy/food/etc. from your mouth. You have to talk in here – plus – ants and roaches.
  3. Enter the room quietly, sit down, face the front, and study - you have a quiz everyday.
  4. Take out writing utensil and paper for bell ringer quiz. We will start promptly after the bell.
  5. Stay in your assigned seat until you obtain permission to get up.  Don't wander around the room.
  6. Pay attention and take good notes.  If you have notes on the board, copy them.  These are shortcuts and extra things that the book doesn’t give you.
  7. Heads vertical - eyes open.  No sleeping, no resting.  You will not recieve daily credit when you don't do the work in class.  
  8. Participate in Spanish for your daily grade — these are added up for speaking grades. Speak well.
  9. Raise your hand and wait for recognition to speak - for courtesy.
  10. Turn in classwork/homework on time.  Remember your 3 day rule on the make up work. You have 3 days to produce an absence and make up your classwork, quizzes, and tests after being out.
  11. Listen and think actively- avoid redundant questions.
  12. Respect yourself and others in what you say and do.  Be kind and courteous.
  13. Hands to yourself - no touching other people or their property.
  14. Don't play video games in class or be on a site/page/tab that you have not been instructed to be on.  
  15.  No translators.  They make a mess. I will not give you credit on your work if you use one.  I can tell.
  16.  Do not copy the work of others when you have to make up assignments.  It doesn't help you to remember your lesson.  I will not give you credit.
  17.  Speak Spanish in class.  That is the name of the class. If you have a question, write it down and ask it at the end of class.
  18. Keep your phone in your pocket.  I will take them up if I see them.  You’ll have to get it back from the office.

Discipline Policy

First offense — Warning.

Second offense - Conference with student.

Third offense —Office referral.

Major offenses — Immediate office referral.


Grading Policy

60% - Major Grades - Tests - Oral, Written, Listening, Projects, Notebooks

40% - Minor Grades - Classwork / Homework / Daily quizzes


Note to Parents :

Your child will be studying Spanish this year.  Please help to make sure that they are in class.  It is very easy to get behind and lost because of absences.  If they are out, please send a note back with them so that they can make up their work.  They will have 3 days grace for makeup work.  We will be doing a lot of work.  We will focus on reading, writing, listening. and speaking.  We will spend most of our time using the language. Please encourage your child to pay attention, participate, and cooperate.  We will do a lot of repetition and immersion.  Please encourage them to go over what they study each day.  The following class, they will have a quiz from the lesson.   

I expect the students to behave and treat each other well. They should take their education seriously and not interfere with their classmates‘ learning.    


Thank you,

J. Bennett